“Sows Ear” Trapdoor to “Silk Purse” Officers Model

by Randy DeLung
Gun Club of America Member

This project actually had its beginnings thirty years ago. I have always wanted a trapdoor rifle. At the time I only worked weekends, so I had ample time to do whatever I wanted. I came across a stock, barrel, and lock for a Springfield muzzle-loading rifle. With nothing more than a hacksaw, file and a desire to make something with my own hands, I set to work making something that would look like a Trapdoor carbine. My biggest achievement was to fashion a breech block out of a chunk of steel with a hacksaw and files. Actually it turned out pretty well. Continue reading

Tips from the Workbench with Ken Brooks–Adhesives

kenBrooksAGI Gunsmithing Instructor Ken Brooks
 PISCO Gunsmithing in Oregon.

In this video, Ken talks about the adhesives that he and Bob Dunlap use regularly in their own workshop. Of course, new and improved products are coming to the marketplace every day, so your mileage may vary. I particularly like the “Gorilla” brand products. So please use the comment section below, and tell us not only what you use in your gunsmithing work, but equally importantly what you do NOT use for any particular reason. We’re all here to learn from one another!

Continue reading

Refinishing guns with DuraCoat

SiersBy John Siers
FFL and AGI Certified Gunsmith

Time was when a customer wanted a gun “refinished” a gunsmith had only a few choices – blue or parkerize for the metal, and if the stock needed some work it was time for sanding, steaming, and maybe some Tru-Oil.

Nowadays, there are still a lot of black guns out there, but many of them are not parkerized, and blued finishes are getting harder to find. More often than not, you have to turn to the “Used Guns” section of your local gun shop to find one with wood furniture, and in case you haven’t noticed, guns are now appearing on the market in some pretty strange colors. Continue reading