Gunsmithing Project. Stock Repair–Part 1

Dunlapby Bob Dunlap
AGI Instructor and Master Gunsmith

In this video AGI Instructor Bob Dunlap demonstrates a surefire way to repair a wooden rifle stock. Of course you could always simply buy a replacement stock, but if the gun has sentimental value, is a rare military rifle, or you just don’t want to spend that much money, repair is always the best option. Continue reading

The Much-Maligned Raven–Part 1

SiersBy John Siers a.k.a. “Gunsmith Jack”

Most gunsmiths rarely get to see a Raven MP-25 (or its nearly-identical predecessor, the P-25) let alone work on one. Raven Arms went out of business after fire destroyed the Raven plant in 1991, and while the MP-25 continued to be produced for a short while by Phoenix, it was out of production before the end of the century. The gun is generally held in low regard by the shooting sports community, and since used-but-functional Ravens can be found on the market for less than $100, it is hardly worth the money to have a gunsmith repair one of them. Continue reading

Guns of the Zombie Apocalypse #9

gunnyby Gunny8541

The second installment in a series of the top 10 “zombie” guns. Click here for the previous story in case you just joined us.

M16-M4  AR15 platform. 

 I put the AR “Black Rifles” “Assault Rifles” –whatever — at number 9 rather than number 10 because it is hard for me to put a Russian gun ahead of an American gun.  Truth is that it doesn’t make the list at all if it were not for the fact that just about every guy that can afford one has one (except me).

Continue reading

AGI’s Warehouse “Scratch and Dent” Sale!

!AGICATALOG-4/1/03It’s back! The AGI Scratch and Dent sale is the best opportunity for you to grab some of the biggest bargains of the year. Their warehouse has a limited number of their gunsmithing DVD courses available that for some reason can not be sold as regular inventory (maybe a scuff mark on the packaging) or have been bundled together into low package deals because of overstocking. The actual DVDs and there content are, as always, as good as new and GUARANTEED for a full-year with their “100% Bulletproof Guarantee”. Continue reading

Guns of the Zombie Apocalypse

gunnyby Gunny8541

We ran this series of articles by our friend “the gunny” a few years ago. They are a good look at a the top ten favorite self-defense guns that gunny keeps close to the front door, with a humorous twist. Please enjoy (and if you saw these before, don’t tell everyone what the number one gun is!)–your editor.

Well since it seems, depending on who you talk to, that the clock is ticking. It appears to be only a matter of time before life as we know it ends.  In it’s place – a day to day struggle to survive in a world of anarchy and Zombie hordes.  Certainly the firearms industry has taken note with special Zombie ammunition being developed by Hornaday and others, special Zombie markings for your AR and Zombie specific targets to practice on.  After giving some serious thought based on my experience as a gunsmith, firearms instruction, and shooter I thought it would benefit some who may be concerned about defending oneself and family against the Zombie menace. Continue reading