Project MAX — Part 2

Dan Rogersby Dan Rogers
Guns and Gunsmiths Contributor

If I did not put you all to sleep in Part 1 of this article, you know I managed to rechamber my .357 magnum handi-rifle to .357 maximum. I did this using nothing more than a vise and simple hand tooling. Now some ammunition would be required to test the rifle. Since .357 maximum ammo has not been widely loaded by ammunition companies in roughly 30 some odd years I would have to manufacture my own. Continue reading

To Gauge or Not to Gauge?

By Fred Zeglin
AGI Instructor, Author,
Lassen College Gunsmithing Graduate and Cartridge Designer.

Liability is the question

I talk to hundreds of gunsmiths each month. It surprises me how often these “professionals” decide not to use a headspace gauge when they are available to them. They say, “No, that’s OK, I’ll just use the brass.” Continue reading

Burn Guns–Part 2 of 3

Smeltzerby Paul Smeltzer,
Athens Gunsmith Service, Athens LA.

I hope the take away from part I was that all fires are not created equal. That being the case damage from different fires is not universal. The location and extent of damage is not the same between guns in the same fire, and can even differ on the same gun from one end to the other. Careful observation can give you valuable clues about the fire and damage absorbed by each firearm. Continue reading

Gunsmith Business Tips I Would Like to Pass On

CapitalCityby Luke Patchett
Capital City Gunsmiths

This excellent article was posted on Guns and Gunsmiths a couple of years ago. It received such a great response that I thought it worth while repeating for new subscribers–editor.

I am loving this business. I do like the gunsmithing trade, but I also love the business side of it as well. The gunsmith skill is really only half of the trade, without business skills, you will have trouble growing.

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Everything You Wanted To Know About Gunsmithing–Part 2

Master Gunsmith and AGI Instructor Bob Dunlap with AGI President Gene Kelly

With AGI President Gene Kelly
and Master Gunsmith Bob Dunlap

The conclusion of the interview with Gene Kelly, President of the American Gunsmithing institute, and Robert Dunlap, Master Gunsmith and Senior Instructor. It is a fascinating look into the life of Master Gunsmith Bob Dunlap. I’m sure you will learn something you didnt know before about him, and gunsmithing, whether you are a professional gunsmith or just a “tinkerer”.

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Gunsmithing Q&A with Ken Brooks

Ken Brooks, PISCO Gunsmithing

with Master Gunsmith Ken Brooks
AGI Instructor, Owner Pisco Gunsmithing

AGI students and Gun Club of America members get access to several methods of contact with the instructors, including a special forum on the Gun Club of America members-only website. Here are a few of their questions to Master Gunsmith Ken Brooks. His answers may also help some of you improve your gunsmithing skills.
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